Hendlex Glass & Ceramic 100ml
Hendlex Glass & Ceramic 100ml
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Hendlex Glass & Ceramic 100ml

It is a hydrophobic coating for glass and ceramic surfaces. This coating facilitates dirt and lime treatment.

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Hendlex GLASS and CERAMIC, 100ml

It is a hydrophobic coating for glass and ceramic surfaces. This coating facilitates dirt and lime treatment. Nanotechnology coating is designed for care of ceramic sinks, tubs, showers, glazed ceramic tiles and glass products. After applying the surface with this product, hydrophobic (water-repellent) Nano-particle coating is formed. It facilitates cleaning of various kinds of dirt, lime and soap precipitates. There is no need to use chemical measures for cleaning surfaces. It will be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and less time will be wasted for care of surfaces. This product prevents from reproduction of micro-organisms that are dangerous for health. Dirt does not stick to protective coating of Nano-particles; therefore you do not waste time cleaning the spaces between the tiles. This product is not harmful to the environment. 


  • Hydrophobic coating lasting up to 12 months 
  • Durable protection of coated surface from moisture, dirt and grease 
  • Coated surface is easily cleaned with damp cloth 
  • Nano-particle coating adds additional protection against mechanical scratches 
  • Does not change the color of the surface and is completely invisible 
  • Preventive protection against bacteria, algae, mold and lime scale 

Application of Hendlex product for glass and ceramics: 

Glazed ceramic tiles. The coating protects the tiles and spaces between them from formation of lime, soap and other dirt. Tiles become easy to wash off with water; there is no need to use additional expensive cleaning products. Protective coating is non-slippery and invisible. 

Ceramic sinks. Dirt spoils the surrounding view as well as it is a place where dangerous bacteria concentrate. With a help of Hendlex surface protection product, formed Nano-particle coating prevents from dirt sticking to the surface. 

Shower cabins. Coated with Hendlex product, walls of shower cabins become easy to maintain. The lime, soap precipitate is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and thus significantly reduces the use of conventional cleaning. Furthermore, the surface remains clean without much effort. The resulting Nano-particle coating is a preventive protection against mold formation. 

Refrigerators. Interior coated with Hendlex product is easily cleaned, protected from the formation of mold and from unpleasant odours. 

Preparation of surface and usage of product: 

The surface must be completely clean, dry and grease free. Use special Baltic Nano Technoogies application cloth or aplicator to apply coating to surface by polishing in applying light pressure, wait 5 minutes and polish. When applying indoor temperatures must be not lower than +5?C degrees. 


Application temperature is + 5°C + 40°C. Keep container tightly closed. Use in a well ventilated area. 

Covered area: 

100 ml will cover up to 20 m2 depending on surface.

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