Welcome to Hendlex Shop!

High quality products for your car, home, clothes, shoes and buildings - with reasonable price!

Hendlex is a product line designed and manufactured by Lithuanian JSC "Baltic Nano Technologies", which has something for everyone. Product attention is paid to the latest technology and ecology, as the product is designed in a natural way. With our products you can really protect all fixed surfaces.

What can you cover / protect with Hendlex? These are examples, items are definitely a lot more!

Transportation: Car, Motorcycle, Trucks, Motorhomes, Jet skis, Boats, Tractors, Fire Trucks, Ambulances
Clothes and shoes: Textile / Leather / Suede, collar shirts, trousers, jackets.
Accessories: Glasses, ski glasses, goggles
Living room: Sofa (textile / leather), carpet, pillows, glassware, ceramic items
In the bathroom: shower cabin, tile floor, tile walls, bath, windows, mirrors
In the kitchen: microweave door, oven door (exterior), cooker hood (metal / glass).


After that cleaning is more fun and easier because the dirt gets lighter off! You no longer need hard materials to get fat / oil / lime off the surfaces. Water flows out of the surface, remains drier.

Please notice that we are Hendlex distributor in Finland and Estonia. If you are in different country, please see page www.hendlex.com.